Raquel Petzinger, Agent


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Raquel Petzinger

With a career that started in high fashion and luxury eyewear, then transitioned to working closely with her husband on building homes, a love of all things real estate related became the focus of her life.

Raquel Petzinger grew up in Washington and is a Northwest woman through and through. After graduating from Boise State University in Business Management, she spent fifteen years in the world fashion in both Boise and Seattle. Her experience of serving and exceeding clients’ needs makes her a perfect fit to represent buyers and sellers alike. She has an incredible eye for design and color and puts that to good use with her husband's business of building beautiful homes here in the Valley. That paired with her experience as a mortgage loan officer (and a minor in Finance and Economics) gives her a unique advantage as a real estate adviser. Not only are you getting a great agent, but she'll give you design tips on how to stage your home beautifully, so it is seen in the best possible light.

Not one to sit around, Raquel and her family are avid fans of the great outdoors, and any given weekend or evening you will find them enjoying the slopes, camping under the stars after a long hike, running their Great Dane (but really who's running who here), or taking in a movie at the Flicks. Raquel is known as the connector and cheerleader of her family and network, and she looks forward to putting those skills to good use as your real estate adviser.

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